Imprint Control

Used techniques are tampon print, screen print, offset printing or hot foil printing.

Quality control is essential in the large-scale production of articles where the imprint contains substantial advertising or consumer information. Beyond that, operational imprints like printed circuits, sealing, sliding coatings et cetera must be examined.



We offer solutions for the following production areas:


1. Imprint Control of Container Decoration for Cosmetics

Containers for cosmetics are optically enhanced with gold and silver foil stamping which generally represents the brand name of the product. Therefore it is crucial to ensure the quality of the stamping. Apart from the correct positioning before printing, special attention has to be drawn to defects in the foil.


Realized solutions:

  • Tubes
  • Containers
  • Bottles


Press release: Flawless Countenance - Quality Control in Cosmetic Packaging
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2. Imprint and Embossment of Packaging Cuts


Realized solutions:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food


3. Imprint Control of Decoration and Consumer Goods


The appearance of consumer goods is a distinguishing feature. Automatic inspection helps the manufacturers to keep with the high quality requirements.


Realized solutions:

  • Glasses
  • Bottles
  • Equipment
  • Cartridges


Press release: Investing in Inspection
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4. Automotive Supplier Parts


Realized solutions:

  • Switches
  • Front panels
  • Metallic sealing
  • Filter Modules
  • Endless Heatchanger Products
  • Sealings, head gaskets


5. Inspection of Electronic Components


The demand for 100% inspection in high volume production can only be fulfilled with an automatic solution. Beside the check of the outline, the quality of the print and the correct dimensions are examined.


Realized solutions:

  • Ceramic substrate
  • Potentiometers


Application note: Automatic Surface Inspection
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