Surface Inspection

The inspection of machined surfaces reveals disturbances of the homogeneous facing like fault, damage and contamination. The customer has to decide, whether these disturbances causes an impairment of the function. The human visual inspection during 3 shifts is expensive and not reliable. With high-speed production it is often not feasible. Automation with industrial image processing is a ever more frequently used solution for the problem.


Together with partners in engineering and with 25 years of experience on this area we supply complete solutions including analysis, development, implementing and training.

In most cases, new systems for surface inspection will be realized in the context of a project. The product requirement specifies the scope of supply and the characteristics of the test system. The customer delivers sample parts with selected errors. With these parts, during user acceptance testing, the agreed characteristics are proven.



Inspection of Web Material


Images are captured with a line scan camera using a customized illumination.
Velocity, width and resolution determine the number of cameras and computers.



Examples of realized solutions:

• Application note: Aluminium extrusion profiles
PDF-Dokument [108.2 KB]
• Application note: Aluminium strips in a casting house
PDF-Dokument [145.7 KB]
• Application note: Ceramic tape before cutting
PDF-Dokument [75.9 KB]




Inspection of single components


Selection of camera type and the appropriate illumination depends on the application. The machine cycle may exceed 20 parts per second.



Examples of realized solutions:

  • Synthetic high quality piston
  • Plastic container for the cosmetics industry
• Application note: Turned cast parts (german)
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]
• Application note: Roller with highly refined surface (german)
PDF-Dokument [576.0 KB]
• Application note: Potentiometer for automotive industry
PDF-Dokument [159.7 KB]



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